Summer Camps 2020

Hand Building and Sculpting with Clay
Ages 5 and up
July 6 - 17, Mon. – Fri 2:30p.m. - 4p.m.
July 27 -  August 7, Mon. – Fri. 2:30p.m. - 4p.m.
$190 per student, for each 2 week camp, all supplies included
Children will be encouraged to use their imagination while creating beautiful works of art with clay.  These creations will be dinnerware safe and or great accent sculptures for walls, gardens and flowerbeds.

Glass Fusing
Ages 8 and up  
  Aug. 17 – 21, 10:30a.m. – 12:00p.m.  
$125.00 all supplies included
Learn to collage, and layer glass in this intensely exciting glass fusing camp.  Choose from a large array of colors and shapes,  while experimenting with combinations of transparent and opaque glass. You will embellish with wire wrapping, beads and multi-colored cords.  Make your own  pendants, mobile and a window charm.

Age of Discovery
7yrs. and up
$125.00 all supplies included
August 3 - 7
10:30am - 12pm or 2:30pm - 4pm
Silhouette portraiture was at it's peek from 1500-1800 as an inexpensive and expedient way to capture a person's image before the invention of the camera.  In this class, we will cast your shadow on paper and cut your likeness out of black paper and paste it on to a large white sheet.  Then draw  within the positive space carefully thinking about line, space, value, designs and patterns.  Students will pick 5 colors and fill in the area further enhancing the portrait.

Sailboat Summer Workshop
7 and up
June 29 thru July 2 from 2:30-4
July 13 thru 16 from 2:30-4
$100.00 supplies included
Create a personalized sailboat amid a Wisconsin summer landscape. Bring a photo as a reference for your design.

Ages 6yrs. and up
$120.00 all supplies included
June 15.16,17,18 or July 9,16,23,30
Mon. - Thur., 1:00p.m. - 2:30p.m.
Enjoy 1 hr of drawing technique instruction followed by 1/2 hour of project drawing each day.  Students will take home 1 completed colored pencil drawing, on wood, ready to hang.

Watercolor Like The Masters
Ages 6yrs. and up, $130 all supplies included
June 18 and 19, 9am -12:30p.m. 
Explore and learn painting with transparent watercolors by studying French Impressionist and Early American Master Painters. Students will learn the basics from blocking in their painting to mixing and painting with color and value.

Build a Magical Fairy House
(7yrs. and up, unless accompanied by and adult)
$30.00, Monday, June 15, or August 17, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Sticks, bark, dry grasses, pebbles, shells, feathers, pine cones and nuts are just some of the natural materials that will be used to make a whimsical habitat to place where you know the fairies are fluttering.

Whimsical Wire Sculpture
7 yrs.and up
$30.00, Monday, July 20, 1pm - 3pm
Create an animal sculpture out of brightly colored, easy to manipulate wire.  Once the creature is formed, it will be fastened to a Birch Tree Branch Pedestal for aesthetic, contemporary display.

Large Portrait Drawings
$130.00 all supplies included
August 3 - 6
5:30pm - 7:30pm
Students will concentrate on a single, large scale piece.  Bring in an image of your choosing and learn how to map out facial features.  Learn about line, value, shade and shadow.  There will be pastels for students wanting to use full color, and various drawing pencils for those wishing to use graphite.
Firework Fun Workshop
Ages 6 and up. Wednesdays from 1-3
$30.00, June 24
Use Acrylic Paints to create a lake-themed firework display in celebration of Independence Day.

Beachin' Workshop
Ages 6 and up. Wednesdays from 1-3
July 29
Paint a relaxing beach landscape, Wisconsin style.

S'more Painting Workshop
Ages 6 and up. Wednesdays from 1-3
$30.00 August 5
Create a summer campfire scene nestled in a Northwoods birch forest landscape.