About Lake Country Fine Arts
School and Gallery

Lake Country Fine Arts, founded in August of 2000 is a nurturing, creating
environment for people of all ages and abilities.  Owner Marlene Millevolte has been teaching
pottery and clay sculpting since 1992.  She finds joy in encouraging people to find their creative
passion.  Many times it isn't about the finished product, but it is often about the experiences and memories formed while creating.  Creating art in any medium is healing and theraputic.  Lake
Country Fine Arts is a safe, positive studio for creative energy to grow and be shared.  
      Millevolte said "As a child, I learned to bake.  I sculpted the bread dough before
shaping the loaves and the cookie dough before making the cookies on the pan.  
When I had clay in my hands for the first time, it filled my soul and it still
does to this day." Millevolte challenges all people to allow themselves the
much needed time to create, using whatever avenue
and medium at hand.